Bedroom Furniture


Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you wake up tired every morning? One possibility that not many people consider is that their bedroom may be stuffy. When your bedroom is cluttered, it can feel stifling, even if you are not consciously aware of it. Nevertheless, it exerts a subconscious pressure that keeps you from sleeping comfortably.

There are two quick and cheap fixes for this. The first is simply to get rid of all the junk cluttering up your bedroom. Is there furniture you do not need? Then toss it into storage. Do you have books, clothes, etc littering your bedroom? Then get a wardrobe, shelves or some other furniture to organize the mess.

The second quick fix is to use brighter colors in your bedroom. The fastest and cheapest method is to switch to a white foam mattress, sheets, and linen. Place white table cloths over your chests, nightstands and side tables. Use white curtains and shutters for your windows. Paint your wardrobe and bedroom door white. Turn your bedroom furniture white!

Why does turning your bedroom into a sea of white help you sleep better? One reason is that white gives a feeling of emptiness. It helps make a cluttered bedroom feel more spacious. It removes that psychologically suffocating feeling. Of course, if your bedroom is already large and spacious, too much white could be overwhelming. But then, that is not your problem right now, is it?White-Bedroom-furniture-is-better-for-sleeping

A second reason for using white bedroom furniture because of our need for sunlight. Human beings are diurnal creatures – that means we function best in the daytime. This is a part of our genes – both a gift and a curse bestowed on us by millennia of evolution. When we wake up every morning, we need to receive enough sunlight to reset our biological clocks … to tell our bodies that it is a new day and we need to move it or lose it.

When we use white bedroom furniture, we surround ourselves with whiteness every morning – a whiteness that maximizes the effect of the sunlight shining into our bedroom. Doesn’t it feel much better than the thought of sleeping in a black-themed bedroom which absorbs all the sunlight and sucks away our vitality at the same time?

But what if your current bedroom is hidden away from the sunlight? While this is uncommon, some overly creative architects have been known to create experimental house designs that look cutting edge but are not friendly to their occupants. One option is for you to extend your house with a conservatory which receives the morning sun. Instead of regular wood bedroom furniture, use white-colored wicker, rattan or leather bedroom furniture. Turn this new addition to your house into a study cum bedroom cum personal relaxation area by using a sofa bed or futon bed. Every morning when you wake up, you can roll up your futon bed and use that extra space for some exercise to start off your day on the right note.

Remember that if you start the day off well, you will also sleep better at night. And when you sleep better at night, you will also start the next day better, in an ever-improving spiral. Of course, the opposite also holds true – so which do you prefer – the energy which comes with white bedroom furniture or the enervation of black bedroom furniture?


Which one is better – white bedroom furniture or black bedroom furniture? We will not consider black and white decor as that is too checkerboard and nearly impossible for normal people to pull off correctly. The white-themed bedroom is something that has long existed. Today, you can find white-colored furniture for the bedroom in both traditional and modern styles. The black-themed bedroom, on the other hand, was not often found in the old days. It was generally considered too dark and depressing … some would even say morbid. Black was the province of those in mourning, the eccentric, the artists and poets and musicians.

White bedroom furniture can really open up and brighten a bedroom. A small cramped bedroom can feel larger than its real dimensions. Even if your bedroom does not see the morning sun, having a predominance of white-colored furniture will make your heart feel lighter. It will help you wake up to each new day on the right foot, feeling better about yourself.

White bedroom furniture gives a crisp clean look and goes well with a bedroom decorated with light pastel colors. The important parts of your bedroom – your bed and your wardrobe – are naturally showcased. These days, you can find many different types of bedroom furniture painted white:

  • wicker bedroom furniture
  • wooden bedroom furniture
  • leather bedroom furniture
  • rattan bedroom furniture
  • metal bedroom furniture

White rattan and wicker furniture give an informal and inviting homey look. White metal furniture, depending on its actual design, can vary from the solidly functional to ornate elaborate elegance. Modern white leather bedroom furniture gives a handsome and distinguished look. Wood bedroom furniture, painted white, gives a clean understated feeling of tradition. Add a white bed canopy and white bedding for a sumptuous feeling.

While too much white in a bedroom that is already large and spacious can be overwhelming, we do not need to be limited to pure white. We can always choose an off-white colored theme. For a large white-painted bedroom that faces east, cream bedroom furniture can keep you from disappearing into a blinding ocean of white in the bedroom furniture

Judiciously choosing black bedroom furniture, like a black metal bed frame for a bedroom mostly decorated with light pastel colors, can offer some welcome grounding to the spirit. Black bedroom furniture is not recommended for a room that is mainly decorated with dark colors but can definitely provide a dramatic accent to most other themes.

Black wicker furniture can give an informal and elegant look to the bedroom. Wicker and rattan are also easy to clean. Black leather bedroom furniture is both durable and offers a certain pleasing aesthetic quality. Leather ages well and requires little more than the occasional application of leather conditioner to maintain its suppleness.

Discussions about bedroom furniture should not be limited to set pieces like the bed and wardrobe. Your bed linen, sheets, blankets, comforters and bed skirts also play an important part in how your bedroom looks. So do your pillows and pillowcases, as well as the lighting and curtains you choose. Everything should be coordinated around a central theme that reflects your tastes.

Before finalizing your choice between white bedroom furniture and black bedroom furniture, look at some home decor magazines and websites for inspiration. Look at what the best specialists in bedroom furnishing have created and personalized their ideas in a way that reflects your tastes.


White bedroom furniture gives you a quiet and pristine beauty which other colors do not. However, some people are reminded of the harsh, sterile whiteness of hospitals. While there is some truth to this, the fact is the material and style of the bedroom furniture, as well as the surrounding decorations themselves, can change the tone of the white color.

One example is solid wood bedroom furniture that is painted white compared against wicker bedroom furniture in the same color. Most people will feel that wicker furniture gives off a lighter and airier feeling. The wooden bedroom furniture would feel more massive and weighty despite being painted the same white color.

Even when made of the same material, e.g. wood, the style of the white bedroom furniture makes a difference. The simpler, more minimalist style of white-colored country bedroom furniture gives a cleaner, crisper feeling while the more gothic style of Victorian-style wood bedroom furniture gives a more ornate and sophisticated feeling.

In reality, you do not need to go so far as changing your bedroom furniture every time you feel bored with the way your bedroom looks. You can create quite a different feel for your bedroom just by changing the decor around your furniture.

white bedroom furniture advantage

With the same white bedroom furniture, you can switch around different pastel shades for your blankets, sheets, and curtains to change the look but still keep the same cool tone. You can add a red rose to a side table or use satin sheets for a hint of romance. If you switch to a dark red bed cover you will instantly draw the eyes to the bed as the centerpiece of your bedroom. A white wardrobe against a white wall need not remain boring forever – just tying a brightly colored decoration to the handles can give it a brand new look. The changes you can make to the look and feel of your white-themed bedroom are limited only by your imagination.

Master bedroom furniture in white can be especially striking. Most houses are designed to have their master bedrooms receive the morning sun. Imagine waking up to all that dazzling brightness every morning. Psychological and biophysical research has shown that receiving a lot of sunlight in the morning tends to make most people feel better throughout the day.

White-themed bedroom furniture packages also fit well for girls’ rooms and guest rooms. For guest rooms, you can easily redecorate to keep the theme in line with the entire house decor while keeping the white-colored furniture as the center. In fact, since a guest room is often one of the smaller rooms in the house and yet houses a double bed for married guests, using lots of white is even more important to make it seem less cramped. Just a simple switch to white curtains, white sheets, and white-colored double duvet covers can work wonders. Similar arguments hold with respect to a girl’s bedroom. As she grows up, she will change her tastes and style very often. Since it is easier to decorate around white-themed bedroom furniture designs, you can more easily meet her latest desires without having to spend too much money.

Unfortunately, boys’ bedrooms do not have such easy solutions available. Most boys are less than fastidious about cleanliness. Any kind of white bedroom furniture is likely to turn grey or become stained with brown within days. Whether he is in elementary school or college, a boy will think nothing of lying down on his white colored bed without washing up after his football game. He will thoughtlessly lean his hockey stick against the white wardrobe right after practice. He will carelessly drop his dirty athletic gear next to the window and smear mud all over the white curtains. If you have a son, you will just have to resign yourself to the fact that his room will be the exception to any decoration scheme for your home.

White bedroom furniture is not very common, at least when compared to various shades of brown … not unless you are willing to accept the layer of white plastic veneer commonly found with cheap cut-rate furniture which does not last more than one or two years. If you like a particular design but cannot find it in white, you may need to make a special order with the store. While it is technically just a simple change in color, some furniture stores and/or manufacturers would consider this to be custom bedroom furniture and may charge you extra. When shopping around, do not make assumptions. Ask and get a written guarantee that you will receive your new furniture in the color you want before you pay for it.

White bedroom furniture has a refined beauty which furniture in other colors does not possess. However, not everyone has the ability to maintain this purity of color. If you harbor such doubts about your self, you may want to consider off-white cream bedroom furniture instead.