I Needed My Ex to Help Me out

The last thing I thought I would need to learn about Austin TX was where to find the best attorney. I have had dreams of the perfect family since I was a child, but sadly reality often does not live up to dreams. I found myself divorced with three young children and a deadbeat ex who would not help me financially. He was great about seeing the kids every other weekend and taking them out to eat, to amusement parks, and buying them all sorts of toys and gadgets, but he did not contribute to their basic needs at all.

I was responsible for a mortgage, utilities, insurance, transportation, food and other daily needs, and so much more. I was drowning because he would not help me at all. I was grateful the kids had a good relationship with him, but I was nearing the end of my rope. I finally decided to contact a lawyer because I needed child support before I lost everything. The law practice that I went with came highly recommended, and I was pleased with my initial consultation. The attorney was very informative about my rights as a single parent, and he started collecting the information that he needed that day.

My ex was not happy to be served with papers, and he tried to make me look like a gold digger. I am thankful the courts saw me as a struggling single mom of three with an ex who could very well afford to support his children better. I think once all the facts were displayed in court, my ex actually felt ashamed for not listening to me earlier when I told him how much I was struggling. He did not put up any argument about doing his share, and I give all the credit of that to my lawyer!