I Might Be Getting a Promotion

In this case it is not really anything that I did, but instead the path has been opened up by a trail of screw ups in upper hierarchy of my department. In truth unless they go out looking far and wide, I am the obvious choice for at least one of the openings. My immediate supervisor just had a real breakdown and threw a punch at his boss, it landed clean and some people claim a tooth flew out. The guy he hit self destructed five days later with a Salt Lake City escort service involved. He and this really beautiful girl were in a rental car, apparently he was drunk enough that he did not want to go through a DWI checkpoint, but when they catch you turning around they chase you. Like a fool he panicked and ended up fleeing up some mountain road. The girl got scared and pulled the keys from the ignition, threw them out of the car and waited for the police. He jumped out and tried to run through the wilderness in the night.

That was a terrible idea and the guy ended up breaking his face along with one of his arms. It was a good thing for him that the police found him, he probably would have died from exposure if he had been left out in the cold wearing a shredded shirt and not much else. Of course a DWI might not have gotten you fired if you were a good employee, but they found out that they were paying for the girl from the escort service and that probably counted as much against him as all of the other charges against him. Of course the bail was set so high that he had trouble getting out of the Utah County Jail.