Bedroom Furniture


Do you suffer from insomnia? While there are many reasons why you have trouble sleeping and often wake up tired, one possible reason could be environmental stress caused by a cluttered bedroom. Even if you do not suffer from claustrophobia, there are very few people who are completely unaffected by being in a cramped and tightly enclosed space. Fortunately, switching to white bedroom furniture can help to alleviate some of the distress you feel.

Does it sound ridiculous to you that something as simple as changing to white bedroom furniture can help you to sleep better? Many people feel the same way when they hear about it. But there are some real physical and psychological reasons behind it.

One important reason is that white reflects more light than any other color. That means a room with more white surfaces is brighter than a room with darker surfaces. So a bedroom with white-painted walls and white bedroom furniture will be physically brighter than the same bedroom when it has black-colored walls and black bedroom furniture.

Following logically from the first reason, a bedroom that is brighter also has fewer shadows. It feels less cluttered from the psychological perspective. And most people feel more at ease when they have a clearer view of the space around them. This probably comes from the way human beings evolved. We have always been daylight creatures. From many tens of thousands of years until even today, most of our activities stop when the sun sets. Even warfare almost never occurs at night!

Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers who evolved into animal herders and farmers. Tightly confined spaces favored the predators who hunted them. Why do you think most children are afraid of the dark? Why do so many kids fear the monster under the bed and the boogieman hiding in the closet? That’s because prehistoric human beings who boldly challenged the cramped undergrowth of the forests and valleys soon ended up filling the bellies of large nasty creatures with large fangs and sharp claws.

But isn’t changing to white bedroom furniture very expensive? After all, not everyone has so much disposable income available.

It is certainly true that buying a new bed and a new wardrobe can set you back quite a lot of cash. And not many people can afford the time to repaint their bedroom. After all, where would they sleep while they were redecorating? But even a lot of small things can add up to make a big difference. For example, you can change to white curtains, white memory foam mattress, white bedsheets, and white blanket or comforters quite economically (at least when compared to buying a new bed and wardrobe set). And don’t forget your pillowcases. Do you have a side table and a nightstand? Placing a white table cloth on top of these small pieces of furniture can also help to brighten up your bedroom. What color are your window sills? Painting those white is another cheap, fast and easy way to add more white to your bedroom without having to buy a whole brand new set of white bedroom furniture.

One reason some people sleep poorly is that their bedrooms are cluttered. This can be easily fixed by having more white bedroom furniture. While buying a new bed and wardrobe is an expensive proposition, these are not the only items of furniture in your bedroom. There are many small, cheap and easy ways to add more white to your bedroom whose overall effect will add up to help you sleep better at night.


Are you thinking of redecorating a small cramped bedroom? Tightly confined spaces tend to cause additional environmental stress to most people. So if that small bedroom is meant to be used regularly, you should consider decorating it so that it feels more spacious. Fortunately, this need not be particularly difficult.

Let’s start with the basics. Did you know that the same room painted white (or some other lighter color) feels more spacious and cheery than when it is painted a darker color like black or a deep blue? This is something many artists and poets know and it guides them in their paintings and prose.White Bedroom Furniture is better for small space

Apart from the walls, the color of the bedroom furniture also makes a big difference. White bedroom furniture gives a crisp, clean, open look to a room while darker-colored furniture makes the same bedroom look more cramped. Wood bedroom furniture made from light colored pine wood or white oak gives a lighter feeling than furniture with the same style but made from a darker wood. A room with white-painted metal bedroom furniture feels less cramped than the same furniture painted black.

Even the material of the furniture can help to open up a bedroom or make a bedroom feel more cramped than it actually is. For example, wicker bedroom furniture and rattan bedroom furniture usually give a more airy feel to a room. On the other hand, solid wood bedroom furniture and metal bedroom furniture both tend to make a room feel more solid and stultifying.

It is also important to consider the style of your bedroom furniture. For the same color and material, gothic Victorian style furniture tend to feel heavier than the more minimalist country bedroom furniture or modern furniture. A solid wooden bed frame with elaborate carvings and moldings always gives a heavier psychological feeling than a wood bed frame with simple clean lines. While it is true that the traditional Victorian-style and Queen Anne-style furniture is more elegant and refined, their complex lines are not compatible with modern apartments and urban housing. Even when painted white, they can give a suffocating feeling to the smaller rooms common in the modern home.

Putting everything together, if you want to make a very small bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable to sleep in, you should paint the walls white, and decorate with white furniture made from lighter materials like rattan or wicker. If you favor wooden bedroom furniture, go for the simpler lines of country-style bedroom furniture. White-colored curtains, bed linen, and blankets would complete the minimalist look. Another good option for tiny bedrooms is to use futon beds. These are actually an idea inspired by the Japanese. They sleep on foldable mattresses at night, then fold up (or roll up) and store away these mattresses in the daytime to free up space.

Would so much white furniture make the bedroom look boring? Not necessarily. First, you need to remember that this is a tiny bedroom that you are trying to lighten and open up. Second, no one ever said you need to use the same shade of white for everything. You can mix and match different shades of white furniture, all the way from pure bright white to off-white cream bedroom furniture.

As you can see, making a small and cramped bedroom feel bigger is not rocket science. Paint the walls white or some very light pastel color. Center your decor around white bedroom furniture and accessorize with yet more white.