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Twin Size Mattress Dimensions and Reviews

Knowing the actual twin mattress dimensions will help you in purchasing the mattress that will be fully compatible with yourself or the person that will be sleeping on it. A twin size mattress is normally for a single adult or a single child.

If you are a little above the average height and are still interested in a twin size mattress then we would suggest in purchasing a twin X.L.(Extra Long) mattress. This mattress provides just a couple of extra inches in length.Twin Size Mattress Dimensions and Reviews

What are the “standard” twin size mattress dimensions? There is a lot of confusion about stand mattress dimensions in general. This is because companies keep making new mattress sizes to fit the way we all are evolving. Think back 100 years ago, do you think it was normal to see a 6′ 5″ man walking down the street? No, of course not. Now you see tall people every day in person and on t.v.

With these types of changes, mattress companies have had to adapt to people’s sizes. Now Let’s get back to the standard twin size mattress dimensions.  Well, some say the normal size of a twin mattress is 39 x 75, Some may say 39 x 74, Some may say 38 x 75, and some may say 38 x 74.

Well, which one is it? The answer is there are no “standard” twin size mattress dimensions. Each mattress company offers its own standard-sized twin mattress dimensions.

Will two twin mattresses make a king-size bed?

You might be surprised to learn that king mattresses are nothing more than 2 twins beds pushed alongside each other. Industry pros may call it a short king-sized mattress. There is much confusion with what this makeshift bed size really is. Whatever you want to call it there are some interesting facts about this twin mattress dimensions controversy.Will two twin mattresses make a king size bed

The industry standard mattress size for an Eastern King size bed is 76 x 80. Placing two twin size box springs underneath a king-size mattress measures 76 x 75. Placing an 80-inch long king mattress on two regular 36-inch twin box springs is in fact 5 inches shorter than the king-size mattress. Which ends up leaving the king mattress hanging off the ends of the two twin box springs by 5 inches leaving the mattress unsupported.

If you were to use two extra-long twin mattresses than a king mattress would fit perfect. The twin mattress dimensions for the Extra Long feature are 39 x 80.

So what happens if I push my two twin mattresses together?

For those who would like to push to twin size mattresses and box springs together, go for it! However, to my knowledge there are no fitted sheets that will fit these twin mattress dimensions, but here’s my solution. You can improvise by purchasing two fitted twin sheets and one king flat sheet.

If you are in need of assistance in purchasing a mattress but do not know a lot about mattresses than I would suggest taking a look at our twin size mattress buyers guide. You have come to the right place if you’re interested in buying a brand new and cheapest twin mattress. The Memory Foam Mattress from offers some of the high quality and best-priced mattresses with a detailed mattress review to go along with each mattress.

Sleep Innovations 10-inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress Review

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. It refreshes you to face a new day. One thing one needs to take into account is that if the mattress is too soft or too hard, you will wake up with aches and pains that you really don’t need and which will make you unfit to perform at your optimum level.Sleep Innovations 10-inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Sleep Innovations 10 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress is specially manufactured with a fire retardant which is part and parcel of the mattress. Sleep Innovations, the manufacturer of this product, is a USA company and the entire product including the special memory foam is manufactured in the USA.

This excellent product is made to last and comes with special open-cell top foam that allows the body to breathe and thus keeps you at your optimum temperature. There will be no more sweaty bodies from this foam.

Price and Features

The Sleep Innovations 10 inch Sure Temp is available from Amazon for$299.99 which gives you a saving of $149.01 on the normal list price.

  • The material this mattress is made of keeps dust mites at bay and besides that is antimicrobial.
  • The normal length of this mattress is 75 inches and it is 10 inches thick. This is made up of two layers of foam, on hard and the other is softer memory foam.
  • One thing that is part and parcel of the qualities of the mattress is that it is fire retardant.
  • The foam and the mattress are both made in the USA.
  • One needs to make sure that once you receive the mattress and open it up you allow it to expand for 48 hours prior to using it.

Who is it good for?

Sleep Innovations 10 inch Sure Temp Twin will suit anyone irrespective of age. One thing to remember is that it is awkward to move and usually requires two people to place it in position.

Pros and Cons

The use of the Sleep Innovations 10 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress is really great and the excellent sleep that has resulted as a result of using it can only sell me on it for life. I am extremely happy with my mattress and look forward to many a restful night on it. It remained cool in the hottest of weather and there was no sign of the horrors one hears about foam mattresses at all. Overall I would give it the highest star rating. It was left for the 48 hours prior to use and seemed to expand far earlier than that. The slight smell dissipated very quickly and was more, I think, as a result of the packing material than the actual mattress.

Why you should buy it

I would definitively buy one of these mattresses again as the comfort supplied has resulted in a change in sleep pattern for me, as I now get a full night’s sleep without waking to a sore back in the morning.


If you are looking to make a change for the better with the resulting good night’s rest I can only heartily recommend the Sleep Innovations 10 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress.

Dynasty Mattress Luxury Twin XL 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Dynasty Mattress Luxury Twin XL 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress gives the owner the well-deserved rest and comfort, after a hard day’s work. The mattress is made of very high-quality materials which make it be the firmest mattress in the industry, which retains its good form for many years.  The mattress is made using 5.3lb density and memory foam of 5 inches. In addition, the base foam that is 7 inches is made of very high resilience polyurethane. The manufacturer makes it easy for the buyers such that the mattress is vacuum packed to make the delivery process much easier since shipping within the United States is free of charge in 48 states.Dynasty Mattress Luxury Twin XL 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Price and Features

The Dynasty Mattress Luxury Twin XL 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress has several features that make it be a better mattress in the market as compared to others in the market.

  • It offers twin 12-inch luxury and has airflow memory foam of 5 inches. It attracts a 90 day free trial period with a 20-year warranty
  • The mattress has a density of 5.3lb that is made of high-quality viscoelastic memory
  • It guarantees satisfaction since it has a twin extra-large frame size of 12 by 38 by 80 inches
  • It has a zipper cover that is made of cotton and zips in four ways. It is easy to remove as well as clean.
  • The mattress reduces aches and pains in the body by relieving the pressure points.

The mattress retails for $369.00 in and is shipped for free when using the super saver shipping service.

Who is it for?

This mattress is made for people of all ages. The mattress provides the best available comfort especially for people who work hard. This mattress gives the user a comfortable and relaxing environment that is bound to give them the required rest until morning. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a small child or an elderly person, the Dynasty Mattress Luxury Twin XL 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is made to fit their bedroom requirements.

Pros and Cons

The Mattress assures the user comfort during the night for very many years. Unlike other mattresses that lead to the user feeling exhausted in the morning, this mattress gives them unmatched satisfaction. Though the firmness is a huge advantage to many, there are some people who prefer a much softer mattress. Some people with a back injury or the like may tend to prefer a mattress which is not that firmer. Though it’s firmer than most mattresses, the level of firmness doesn’t vary as opined by many reviewers/users.

Why you should buy it

The Dynasty Mattress Luxury Twin XL 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best mattresses in the market; it is specially designed for everyone in the family and comes with a very long warranty period. On purchasing the Twin XL Luxury 12″ Memory Foam Mattress, the user does not have to worry about how to get it home, since it is delivered to their residence.


For the highest level of comfort at night, the Dynasty Mattress Luxury Twin XL 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is the option that gives you the best value for your money.