The Office Looks a Bit Smaller

The company that I work for had to do a little restructuring due to economic trouble. Some people were fired in order to save money, but my boss called it downsizing and cost reduction. I think the only reason that I wasn’t fired was because I was able to convince my boss that the company could hire a corporate secretary in Singapore after he decided to let the existing secretary go. He liked my suggestion, and I hope that it was enough to let me keep my job for a few more years at least.

The people who weren’t lucky enough to survive the restructuring weren’t too happy about it. They had to suddenly start looking for a new job. I know how that feels, having been let go from a company before, and I’m glad that it didn’t happen to me. When I came into work after the restructuring, the office seemed a lot quieter. Even when the office was full of people and everyone was busy doing their work, it still had a sound that wasn’t as soft as an empty office, but now it’s like all of the life has been sucked out of the room.

For now, it seems as if the restructuring worked. The company was able to pull itself away from the economic problems that it was facing and is hoping to have a good fiscal year. Every now and then, I run into some of the people who were let go from the restructuring, and they tell me about the jobs that they have. Some have better jobs, and some don’t, but they don’t really think about the job they used to have, because they have to concentrate on the present rather than the past. I’ve been planning for the future, when the day that my job may be gone comes around.