Information 2010

” Corner structure “

Art Commission work in Bonn,Germany
Kawamata + Scheidegger

The competition of the Art works in the Public building in Bonn.
We got the first prize. It will start 2012.
See the website.

“Drift Structure”

Uster, Switzerland
10- 2010 permanent on the site.

To build up the bridge on the small river at Uster.
This area will start for new developement for the residency buldings.
This is commision work project from the city of Uster.

“The Tree Hut in Masan”
Moonshin International Sculpture Symposium

10- 2010
Masan Moonshin Art Museum, Masan, Korea

10 artists invited outdoor sculpture symposium at the garden of this museum
to set up the site-specific art works. three tree huts build at the three different
trees of this garden.

“Mukaijima Project ” The island made by the Island

19/07 – 31/10 2010
Setouchi International Art Festival

The project start from 2008 at small Island Mukaijima in Setouchi, Japan.
To collect garbage from the beach of the Island and then assemble.
This artificial floating Island made by collecting materials from the Island Mukaijima.
Now it is almost 10m wide x 5 m high x 26m long.

“Walkway and Tower”

29. May – 5. September 2010

Carton Workshop”

Centre Pompidou
10 April – 23 August 2010

To attached the tree huts inside and outside at the centre pompidou architecture and the@
workshop at Children’s Gallery.


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