I Sort of Have a New Girlfriend

I say that because it is always clear that I am not a priority, in fact I am really just an amusement. That would be okay for the most part, but it does become annoying when it is really obvious that Amelia cares a lot more about making money than she cares about me. I sort of think it is like this, her father was rich and then he went belly up for a time. She seems to have intensely disliked poverty and is determined not to experience it again. She is deeply involved in being a bitcoin trader and that sort of thing, rich people give her their money and she makes them richer. In fact it seems as though she does almost nothing else at times. I woke up in the middle of the night and found her sitting in front of six computer monitors wearing nothing save a nightie. She never noticed me as she was focused on making a huge trade on the Shanghai stock market. Apparently this was a big deal, the next day she was incredibly excited because it had worked out perfectly for her.

Now the strange thing is when she treats me the way that rich men treat their trophy girlfriends. We go out to parties with her rich friends and it is important that I am perfectly groomed and perfectly dressed. She bought me a really expensive watch and I apparently am a lot more successful in her telling than I am in reality. Obviously I have a good job at a bank, but it seems like these people believe that I own the bank. If I do a good job of looking like the perfect boyfriend, then I get rewarded really well. The whole thing is rather odd, but I do live rent free.