I Am Planning a Party for a Bunch of Rich Boys

Honestly it is a lot better than it was when we were in college. Those guys wanted me to pledge their frat back then, but I did not have time for that. I figured I could party and chase girls without them, and I had a girlfriend most of the time too. Frats get bogged down in more stupid crap than I like, but they paid me to tutor them all through college. Now I have a great job and they all seem to have come into their trust funds. So I have been pricing out Las Vegas blonde escorts for ‘Biff’. The plan they gave me was to find a girl who looks just like the bride to be, but a really dirty mind. I thought that would be a task, but if you have the budget then you can find pretty much what you are looking for. That even counts when you are looking for an All American corn fed beauty queen.

At any rate I have a really big budget for this job, even after I skim enough to make it worth the time I put in it. They did not think that I was going to do it for free. I would have laughed at them if they had. I found a house for rent, one that is far enough away from nosey neighbors that there will not be any noise complaints. I hired a party bus to take us there from a huge strip club. They told me that Floyd Mayweather owns this place, but that did not really matter very much to me. I was looking for the best value on that part of it. The party bus is going to be huge and there is going to be entertainment from start to finish of the entire event.