Ford Introduces Edge – saving Door Protector

Ford Introduces Edge – saving Door Protector, what car reviews, When we opened the car door sometimes forget if there is a car next to us. As a result the outskirts of our car door or car body become scratched. Of course we do not want this to happen to our cars right?

It was taken by the car manufacturer Ford. Ford also developed a feature called Door Edge Protector.

“Ford’s new Door Edge Protector is an excellent innovation for preventing these annoying dents and scratches. Any system that can reduce the risk of damage to your own or someone else’s vehicle is worthy of recognition, but one that operates so effectively without affecting the looks or performance is particularly noteworthy.”

The mechanism is fairly simple tool, the rubber is going to move out along the 15 cm and moves out seconds when the door opened.

Rubber or buffer directly over the door edges to prevent damage to car paint. Meanwhile, when the door is closed, the tool retracts instantly within 60 milliseconds.

Ford will be rolling out the device on the Ford Focus from January 2012. And even if you aren’t in the market for a new car, you can always take advantage by parking next to a new Focus next time you’re at a local car park – as the Edge Protector will protect your paint work too. The idea is to reduce the number of expensive dents and scratches that modern motorists have to suffer.

The Edge Protector pops in and out almost instantaneously, so you can still slam your car door shut without worry of catching it. Ford claims it should be good for thousands of uses, and the exterior rubber part can simply be unclipped and replaced by the owner if need be. The system is entirely mechanical, tied into the door hinge we presume, so there’s no electronic motors to malfunction. Ford claims these features to protect the 90 percent damage to the paint on the front door and 85 percent on the back door.

“Feature Door Edge Protector will be one of the features that we think will make the consumer say ‘Why do not people think about this early”.

Research conducted on Ford’s behalf suggests that 57% of respondents in the Midlands, 54% of respondents in the South and 49% of respondents in the North have experienced door damage of the kind the Door Edge Protector is designed to prevent.